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HRU believes:

• Every individual, no matter their ability, can be a valuable contributor to our community and our workforce;

• In a future of inclusion and success for mentally and physically disabled, chronically unemployed and disenfranchised individuals;

• In our innovative service delivery model that empowers each person to reach their goals.

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In The Spotlight

Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition and Tradewinds Honor Friendly’s of Sturbridge at the Statehouse in Boston

HRU’s Odyssey House program hosts Legislative Breakfast on Monday, May 1, 2017.

HRU’s Odyssey House program located in Holyoke, MA hosted a Legislative Breakfast event on Monday, May 1st.  The event was co-sponsored by State Representative Aaron Vega, State Senator Donald Humason, State Representative John Velis and State Representative... Read More

Tradewinds Volunteers for Beautify Southbridge Day!

Beautify Southbridge Day April 22nd 2017

Samantha Aikey and the crew from Tradewinds just finishing up in the Central Parking Lot area.

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We provide our program members with opportunities for community integration and, if applicable, work-related supports, because meaningful work is integral to an individual’s sense of purpose and well-being. Link to Hire our Members

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Member Services

Are you a prospective MEMBER of an HRU program?

HRU empowers program members to make informed choices, provides opportunities for meaningful work and skill-building, and endeavors to fully include people with disabilities in community life.

We practice Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action and are prepared to make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities to ensure equal access to employment, services and facilities. Learn about our services...

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