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Welcome to HRU

HRU believes:

• Every individual, no matter their ability, can be a valuable contributor to our community and our workforce;

• In a future of inclusion and success for mentally and physically disabled, chronically unemployed and disenfranchised individuals;

• In our innovative service delivery model that empowers each person to reach their goals.

Thank You for supporting HRU!
In The Spotlight

Lighthouse Celebrates 30 Years featuring Danielle Goodwin

To read Danielle’s Inspiring story at Pioneer Valley Financial Group follow the link below:

Danielle Goodwin


HRU’s Annual Recognition and Fundraising Breakfast

Thank you to all who attended HRU’s Annual Recognition and Fundraising breakfast event held on October 15, 2015 at Springfield Country Club. The event recognized and honored our 2015 Employer and Volunteer of the Year award winners:

Save the Date-10/15/15-HRU Annual Employer Recognition and Fundraiser Breakfast Event

Please Save the Date, Thursday, October 15, 2015 for HRU’s 2015 Annual Employer Recognition and Fundraiser Breakfast Event from 7:45-9:00 a.m. at Springfield Country Club. Formal invitations will be sent out soon.


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Are you an EMPLOYER looking for a staffing solution through HRU members?

We provide our program members with opportunities for community integration and, if applicable, work-related supports, because meaningful work is integral to an individual’s sense of purpose and well-being. Link to Hire our Members

Member Services

Are you a prospective MEMBER of an HRU program?

HRU empowers program members to make informed choices, provides opportunities for meaningful work and skill-building, and endeavors to fully include people with disabilities in community life.

We practice Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action and are prepared to make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities to ensure equal access to employment, services and facilities. Learn about our services...

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