Move to Work

Move to Work

“Move to Work is a program that motivates you to get ahead in life.” –Jeremy, Spring 2015 Participant

move to work

HRU has developed an innovative, comprehensive approach to helping individuals improve their job readiness, employment options, job retention, and overall quality of life by integrating neuroscience research findings and physical activity within the learning environment.

HRU originally developed the Move to Work program for the chronically unemployed and individuals with disabilities. We now have several different version of the program serving diverse populations.  The Move to Work curriculum has been integrated into the Tech Foundry IT program, is part of Western New England University’s “first year” program and we have also adapted the program to work with individuals with developmental disabilities.

So what makes Move to Work innovative, successful and unique?

  • EXERCISE – exercise accelerates learning and enhances information retention
  • HOLISTIC CURRICULUM – our curriculum focusing on the entire person; physical health, financial health, emotional health and soft skills for job readiness.  Employers tell us “Give us good employees with a good work ethic”
  • UNIQUE DELIVERY METHOD – the program uses active and action learning where participants are engaged in the subject matter
  • ADAPTABLE PLATFORM – the program can be adapted and focused for diverse industries and populations.

By participating in a Move to Work program participants improve their ability to obtain and retain employment by learning how to manage stress, handle conflict, deal with illness, increase their health and improve their overall wellness – leading to an improved overall quality of life. This approach serves to engage, motivate and excite individuals to participate fully in making a commitment to change their habits and develop a healthier, more productive life style, enabling them to become better role models in their families and in their communities.

Further detail about The Four Key Components:

  • The integration of exercise into the program

The program integrates physical activity to help participants improve their overall health and to help “set the table” for individuals to increase their ability to learn and retain the information taught in the program.   We have also discovered that the same characteristics it takes to exercise on a daily basis; commitment, motivation, cooperation, energy and integrity, are many of the same traits needed to have a good work ethic.

  • A holistic curriculum that focuses on the entire person

The program’s curriculum offers a holistic approach to job readiness, employment options, job retention, and overall quality of life, resulting in a more effective, positive outcome for the participants.  By focusing on the entire person, including his/her physical health, financial health, emotional health and education, we will improve the entire person, thereby increasing their potential to improve the overall quality of their lives.  The curriculum is broken down into three sections, each focusing on a unique area.  The first section focuses on self-improvement and self-discovery.  The second section focuses on getting the job, and the third section focuses on being part of a team and the skills needed to maintaining the job.

  • Specifically designed lesson plans that incorporate active and action learning

Over several years of development, the curriculum and lesson plans have been designed to incorporate the latest research on both active and action (movement) learning.  Active learning is a process whereby students engage in activities, such as reading, writing, discussion, or problem solving, that promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of class content.  They include improved critical thinking skills, increased retention and transfer of new information, increased motivation, and improved interpersonal skills.  In addition to the traditional definition of active learning, MOVE TO WORK adds another layer – action learning – to the curriculum.  We define action learning as active learning with physical activity. To help participants sharpen their thinking and improve their retention we add physical movement to our lessons.

  • The ability to adapt the program to different industries and populations

The Move to Work program has been adapted to work within a variety of industries and populations.  The Move to Work program has been integrated into the curriculum of Tech Foundry and has become a key component of their program.  Working with a local University we have incorporated the Move to Work program into the curriculum for their “first year” course.  HRU is using Move to Work as the base for its community based day program and it has been integrated into Clubhouses.  And it is a stand-alone program for a grant funded program for chronically unemployed individuals with disabilities.

Participants that have completed the Move to Work program have;

    • Developed skills to assist them in securing and maintaining employment
    • Improved their work ethic
    • Developed interpersonal and communication skills
    • Established, and improved, their ability to work as a member of a team
    • Increased their self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Developed time and personal management skills
    • Improved their physical health and overall wellness
    • Obtained employment


For more information on HRU’s Move to Work program, please contact:

Gregg Thompson at (413) 781-5359 or via email at gro.urhnull@nospmohtg

60 Brookdale Drive ,Springfield, MA 01104










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