HRU Believes in Full Integration of the Disabled in our Community

Are you an EMPLOYER looking for a staffing solution through HRU members?

  • We provide our program members with opportunities for community integration and, if applicable, work-related supports, because meaningful work is integral to an individual’s sense of purpose and well-being.                   Hire our Members

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  • HRU’s philosophy is based on continuous improvement of our programs and services. Budgets are carefully managed, we follow directions set by our strategic plan, and monitor operational plans to meet the needs of our members, funders, employer partners and other stakeholders. Please see our service listings below for additional information.

Are you a prospective MEMBER of an HRU program?

  • HRU empowers program members to make informed choices, provides opportunities for meaningful work and skill-building, and endeavors to fully include people with disabilities in community life.  We practice Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action and are prepared to make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities to ensure equal access to employment, services and facilities.  The following is a complete list of our services and locations.   Please click on the program name below to learn more:

Day Habilitation Services:

Pyramid, Springfield, MA

Developmental Disability Services:

ETS Career Services, Springfield, MA
Workforce Alternatives, Springfield, MA

Mental Health Services:

Forum House, Westfield, MA
Lighthouse, Springfield, MA
Star Light Center, Northampton, MA
Tradewinds, Southbridge, MA
Odyssey House, Holyoke, MA
Berkshire Pathways, Pittsfield, MA

Employment Training Services:

Move to Work

Transportation may also be available for many of our services.

For more information about HRU Services, please call: (413) 781-5359 (VOICE TTY) FAX: (413) 746-3370 or E-Mail gro.urhnull@teragraM or gro.urhnull@eittaP