Forum House

Forum House
55 Broad Street
Westfield, MA 01085
Telephone:  (413) 562-5293
FAX:  (413) 562-9163
Email:  gro.urhnull@esuoHmuroF-ofnI
Download the Forum House Brochure (pdf)

Forum House believes every individual has the right to work and to lead full and productive lives as contributing members of our communities. Our Clubhouse Model program offers services to adults with mental illness to prepare for, find, and retain employment. Members and staff work together to operate the Club and to ensure the opportunity to contribute to the community through meaningful work.  Forum House has been serving the Westfield area since 1988.


  • Career planning, Job Readiness Training, and Employment opportunities
  • Education Supports, GED, College Prep, Vocational Training
  • Housing Supports
  • Social Activities and Peer Support to develop meaningful relationships
  • Supported housing services for homeless mentally ill
  • Services for youth in transition-from adolescence to adult services
  • Employment services for homeless mentally ill adults in the Westfield area


  • Wide range of work ready, dependable candidates
  • Attractive Tax Incentives for some employees
  • Offer multiple levels of support for employers, with guaranteed Job Coverage for some positions
  • Save on the cost of continuous turnover through reduction or elimination of Job Posting, Hiring, and Training Costs
  • Diversify your workforce and contribute to our community by helping individuals with disabilities become gainfully employed